CAP-A Tools

CAP-A Portal [available here]

A Crowdsourcing and Collective Awareness Portal that encapsulates several tools and functionalities including:

  • A Privacy Dashboard for privacy statistics and norms
  • A Privacy Policy Document Annotator
  • Privacy Metrics for Mobile Apps (Community Score, Privacy Friendliness Score)
  • Express Privacy Expectations, Sharing Evidences, Claiming an app (for developers)

Available in English/Greek language.

CAP-A Mobile App [available here]

The CAP-A app which allows the audit of your installed applications.

The CAP-A app is the companion of the CAP-A portal and is is available in Android play store.

After installing it you can “audit” all applications that are installed on the phone and see how they rank according to the CAP-A metrics of Community and Privacy scores.