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CAP-A@REN 2020 – 3rd pilot running in the frame of European Researchers Night 2020

We are running our 3rd CAP-A pilot for evaluating video conferencing apps through the CAP-A tools.

To participate in the evaluation you need first to register and login in the  CAP-A portal or download the CAP-A app from playstore to express your opinion on device permissions on the featured apps.

Afterwards you are kindly asked to follow the steps below:

  • Add at least one element in your profile to get your first 100 points. Watch the video for guidelines.
  • Express your privacy expectations on device permissions for the featured apps (Apps->REN2020). Watch the video for guidelines.

Contest: Your participation in the CAP-A@REN2020 pilot gives you the opportunity to win an Amazon Gift Card (50£). The contest details are available here, while the results will be announced in: