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Our motivation.

Current situation in the Digital World:

  • Mobile Apps request access to a wealth of personal data
  • Terms of Service (ToS) documents are hard to read or understand (our consent is often uninformed)
  • This practice hurts the market in the long run, especially small companies since users lose their trust on digital products
We Propose a Bottom-up Solution to Digital Privacy

Our Solution.

We Propose a Bottom-up Solution to Digital Privacy
Power of the crowd

Harness the power of the crowd, through awareness and participation,

Socio-technical approach

Couple existing legal and technical solutions with a socio-technical approach.


Generate a community of privacy-aware citizens.

Privacy-friendly market

Convince developers that respecting users’ privacy is profit-maximizing.

Video: THE CAP-A Story


Project team.

All members of the consortium.

Giorgos Flouris

Project Manager

Theodore Patkos

Scientific Coordinator

George Ioannidis

Industrial Expert

Ioannis Chrysakis

Publicity & Engagement Manager

Alexandru Stan

Technical Manager

Elias Tzortzakakis

Lead Backend Developer

Giorgos Samaritakis

Lead Frontend Developer

Maria Makridaki

User Enactment Manager

Konstantina Geramani

Exploitation Manager

Yannis Rousakis

Backend Developer

Nikoleta Tsampanaki

Frontend Developer

Elisjana Ymeralli

Backend Developer

Ioulia Kotzamani

Marketing Consultant

Vasilis Stamatopoulos

Technology Transfer Consultant

Our goal

Below you can find the CAP-A technical and social objectives:

Collective Intelligence

Harness the collective power of citizens towards addressing privacy-related issues associated to the use of mobile apps


CAP-A Tools

Offer a suite of tools for supporting community actions.



Present metrics of community dynamics:

  • Satisfaction of Community’s Expectations
  • Privacy Friendliness



Experiments and project Outreach

Conduct a series of experiments, in collaboration with affiliated partners and present results to the wide public.

We are happy to announce the official release of CAP-A Tools

You can check the CAP-A Portal and the CAP-A mobile App

Both tools are available here.

For  upcoming events have a look here.

Our News

Here you can find some project news

See our latest news

The latest activities of CAP-A project.
To view more click here.

New CAP-A pilot: Bora [Business Apps]
The pilot of Bora has been started. It  focuses on business apps which are available in Google Play (Android). The pilot is kindly request from its users to evaluate the following apps in the…
CAP-A Presented at the virtual NEM Summit 2020
The 12th edition of the NEM Summit was organized as virtual event from 30 June to 2 July 2020. It attracted key stakeholders from the media and creative industries as well as policy makers…

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